Fall Protection Systems

Anchor Installation

Fall Protection Systems

Anchor Testing and Certification

Fall Protection Systems

Anchor Inspection

Depending on your fall protection requirements, we can install anchors, life lines, roof access systems. We can design a specific solution for your project.

Stay compliant with OSHA by testing and inspecting your anchors. Shine On Group will load test, certify, and consult on your anchor or fall protection system. Need the 5000 lb load test? We can do that and much more.

We can provide annual visual inspections, testing, and logbooks to keep you OSHA compliant and meet ANSI standards.

Installation, Testing, Certification and Inspection of anchors

Are you searching for one of the most reliable and experienced roof anchor installation companies in the USA? Contact Shine On Group for anchor installation, testing and certification services. We are committed to offering quality service that meet your exact needs in a perfect way.

As a trusted roof anchor installation service provider, we offer customized solutions for our customers. All of your fall protections needs will be met with utmost accountability and discipline. You can not only expect high quality installation solutions, but also enjoy high affordability with our services.

Shine On Group also helps you meet OSHA regulations with our anchor testing and certification procedures. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals perform the testing procedures in a responsible manner. We also conduct visual inspection, testing and logbooks to ensure the safety harness anchor points and other related aspects.

If you are searching for a responsible and dependable anchor installation, testing and certification company, look no further than Shine On Group.

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