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When it comes to making sure workers performing tasks at elevated heights are safe and secure, there can be no cutting corners or slacking on vital safety measures. Having a well-constructed fall protection system in place is absolutely imperative for jobs that put workers at risk of falling from great heights and possibly sustaining injury.

Anchors are an indispensable part of any fall protection system. With a well-planned out and securely affixed anchor installation system, you can be that much more reassured that your workers will be protected against serious harm in the event of an accident.

However, you must make sure your job site’s anchor installation is done by experts in the field of fall protection. We have years of experience installing anchors at job sites and helping project managers decrease potential safety risks.

Get in touch with us today t learn more about how our anchor installation services will support your fall protection system.

What is an Anchor?

An anchor, or an anchorage connector, is a vital component of a fall protection system. Its main function is to serve as an attachment point for other parts that will stop a falling worker, such as deceleration devices, lifelines, or lanyards.

The construction of anchors is quite precise, as they must support 5,000 pounds for every worker involved and remain viable against the force created by a fall. That’s why it’s important to only hire a company you trust for anchor installation services.

What Kinds of Anchors are Used for Fall Protection?

Of course, all anchors used for fall protection are not exactly the same. There are a few different types of anchors that serve different functions on an elevated job site.

Here are three of the most common anchors that we use for fall protection and how they keep workers safe.

Anchorage Connectors

An anchorage connector is a fall protection device that attaches to the main work structure and acts as an attachment point for other components used for fall arrest.

Depending on the nature of the job site, there could be some variation in how anchorage connectors are used. Anchorage connectors used frequently will most likely be permanently fixed in place, but some job sites may have anchors that can be moved.

The style of the connector will also vary based on the job.

Access Systems

Access systems are a more portable form of fall protection anchor intended for use with equipment that may require a worker to be significantly elevated. They typically come in a mobile frame or jib that can serve as an attachment point for various fall arresting devices.

In addition, they are normally custom designed to ensure that they provide adequate protection when working with the specific piece of equipment in question.

Horizontal Lifelines

These components are intended to substitute for anchorage connectors for workers who might not reach them consistently. A horizontal lifeline can attach to a concrete column, a rebar stud, an I-beam, or a roof, so it’s a versatile safety measure that can be catered to each individual job site.

Horizontal lifelines can be made from galvanized steel or synthetic material, depending on what is most appropriate for the job.

What Other Anchor Services Do We Offer?

Our services don’t just stop at anchor installation. When it comes to fall protection and anchor installation, we offer many services to keep your workers safe. Here are some of the most popular services we offer regarding anchor installation.

Anchor Certification and Testing

If you have existing anchors on your job site, we can help you ensure they are up to code and working properly. Through various means of load testing and inspection, we can certify that the anchors used on your job site are up to par with OSHA’s standards for workplace safety.

This process can save you money dealing with expensive OSHA citings if your anchor is deemed unsafe through their inspection process.

Fall Protection Consulting

Not quite sure where to begin with your fall protection system? No worries — our team of experts can work with you to determine exactly what kind of devices would serve your job site the best.

We’ll guarantee a solution to your uniquely challenging fall protection situation that meets OSHA’s workplace safety standards.

Why Should You Trust Us with Your Fall Protection Needs?

As fall protection is a precise science, it’s important to only trust experts with these services. When it comes to keeping workers safe at elevation, no one is more qualified than us. We have a strong team of engineers, designers, and install teams with years of experience crafting fall protection systems. We always make sure to go beyond OSHA’s standards for workplace safety and provide the safest equipment possible.

We’ll also perform anchor installation, certification and testing, and fall protection consulting quickly so as not to disturb your operations.

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Anchor installation is a crucial component of any decently constructed fall protection system. These systems are an absolutely integral safety measure to any elevated job site, and workers should never be put at risk without the proper protection. Contact us today for the anchor installation you need to keep your project site safe.

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