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Industrial Fall Protection — Design and Engineering Systems For You

No two work environments are the same, and neither are the safety requirements. We understand this concept, which is why our team is dedicated to crafting unique design and engineering fall protection systems and suspended access specifically for your needs.

Our Process

Our experts begin by visiting your facility to assess the work environment as a whole. This design and engineering visit includes consideration of the space and those who work in it, which are crucial in designing a premium fall protection solution.

Working With New & Existing Systems

Our team of professional structural engineers and PE’s can retrofit your current system or handle new construction with ease. In both instances, we’ll consider:

  • Structural attachment points
  • Peak loading
  • Dynamic load requirements
  • Soil bearing pressure

During the entire design and engineering process, your employees’ safety is our top consideration. We’ll carefully examine structural drawings for their sake and to ensure your facility is OSHA and ANSI-compliant.

If the construction is totally new, we’re also happy to provide:

  • Complimentary layout assistance for your new system
  • Leading construction design professionals

Fall Protection Solutions

We’re the leading experts in all things fall protection systems. We’re proud to offer a wide range of solutions tailored directly to the needs of your facility. And best of all? Our team will be there every step of the way.


We’ll start with the design process and work with you to determine a fall protection solution. Typical jobs include:

  • Lifeline
  • Suspended Access
  • Guardrail Systems
  • Rigid Rail
  • Platform
  • …And More!

Don’t think the above is what you need? No worries. We’re happy to discuss the scope of your project and determine a solution that’s right for you. Contact us today.


You’ll remain in the loop as we build your fall protection or suspended access system. Our company prides itself on transparency, so we’ll update you as the engineering process moves forward.

We’ll get things done promptly, all while ensuring your system meets all relevant standard safety measures. Your system will be OSHA and ANSI-compliant and is built to keep your team safe.


We take time to understand your space and staff. It only makes sense to help you in the installation process. We’re expert engineers who are extremely knowledgeable on how every piece of your new fall protection system gets together.

Our team will complete the installation carefully and quickly to maximize productivity alongside employee safety. We doubt you’ll encounter any concerns, but if you do, we’ll be right there to answer any questions. We’ll also cover the basics of the fall protection system with your workers to guarantee their understanding of a solution designed for them.


We don’t just install our systems and forget our clients. No, we come back annually to perform inspections and make sure everything is functioning as it should. You and the well-being of your employees are always on our minds. We’ll let you know exactly where your system stands and recommend the appropriate repairs.

Why Choose Us

When partnering with us, you’re guaranteed the best design and engineering for your fall protection or suspended access system. Our team promises you the following:

Decades of Experience

The well-being and safety of your workers depend on a structurally sound fall protection system. You don’t want to leave this to the novices.

Our years of design and engineering experience help ensure the integrity of your fall protection solutions. Additionally, our time-tested expertise has taught us a wide range of potential options, so we’ll certainly find the correct solution for your facility.

Personalized Process

We’re not a one-size-fits-all company — our services, solutions, and everything in between are catered to you. We’re happy to take the time to learn your facility, process, and employees to find a solution that works for everyone involved.

Expert Design & Engineering Team

We only work with the greatest in the field. Our team is full of qualified, knowledgeable engineers who have dedicated themselves to fall protection systems.

They’re not just good at their jobs, either — they’re great with people. When you work with us, you’ll become privy to their process and their know-how. Each of our clients is given quality customer care on top of quality services.

Top Safety Standards

During the design and engineering process, we carefully follow OSHA and ANSI regulations. We consider any (and all) safety standards to guarantee a fool-proof system that’ll keep your team protected.

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Since our company began, we’re provided customers with the best fall protection systems and suspended access solutions available. We work with you every step of the way, from design to build to installation to our annual inspections.

We’re a team of professional safety experts ready to create a site-based solution for the safety of your employees and the legal obligations of your facility. If you’d like to learn more, or to discuss your project, contact us today.

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