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Roof Anchors For Fall Protection in Oakland, CA

Is your building in California OSHA compliant with the new walking working surface? As well, is your personal protective equipment (PPE) regulations that officially have been enforced since November 2017?

Shine On Group is an advanced services company specializing in IRA (industrial rope access), SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) with certified employees. Our business is on top of staying compliant with OSHA’s ruling on anchorage systems. Certainly, while at the same time making it be cost efficient.

Furthermore, if you own or service a building in the Oakland area, please read through OSHA’s main anchorage rulings down below:

OSHA Main Anchorage Rulings

According to OSHA 1910.27(b)(1)(i), before any rope descent system is used, the building owner must inform the employer in writing that the building owner has identified, tested, certified, and maintained each anchorage.

With that said, then it is capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds (268 kg), in any direction, for each employee attached. First, you need a qualified person and certification of each anchorage by a qualified person, as necessary. Second, at least every 10 years must base the information on an annual inspection.

You can read more about these anchorage OSHA standards here:

What Does This Mean For California Buildings?

  1.   This rule is saying that California building owners and management are now required to provide certified anchors for any vendor that needs to come down from the roof.
  2.   If your building in California is over 300 feet, then you cannot use a rope decent system (RDS). Unless it’s demonstrated that it’s not feasible to access such heights by any other means. Even more so, this means you have to use swing staging above this height.

What Are Your Options For Roof Anchors Points?

Your first step to getting started is by finding and hiring a professional roof anchor install contractor. Shine On Group can position you to be OSHA compliant in the city of California. Second, getting certified anchors is a long-term investment for your building. You need to work with an expert that can guide you in the right direction. In addition, while you can go the alternative route, Industrial Rope Access (IRA), we would recommend making the investment to getting certified roof anchors installed.

Shine On Group recommends this because the traditional IRA method uses different equipment, different rope rigging techniques, and often carries additional safety measures. Certainly, having certified roof anchors for your building allows you to stay compliant with OSHA’s ruling on anchorage systems (OSHA 1910.27). At the same time, continuing to be cost efficient.

What Are The Benefits Of Roof Anchors In Califonia?

OSHA compliance (OSHA 1910.27) – Having certified anchors is the only solution of staying compliant with OSHA and it’s recent anchorage system ruling. In addition, with certified roof anchors, your fall protection system is fully compliant. With that being said, it gives your building an array of up to date options over time while creating the safest working environment.

Cost Savings – Having certified roof anchors is a long-term investment. In addition, certified roof anchors can reduce your costs of your roof overtime over time. With a certified system, vendors have more options in how they can perform their service on your building. Every time windows get washed or your building is services, costs are more likely to be reduced with a certified fall protection system in place.

Increased Safety – With a certified anchor system, you are giving your building and vendors who perform services for you the highest level of fall protection available. This enhances a vendor’s ability to perform services safely and efficiently. With a certified system, you know that engineers have designed and certified a system that is specific to your building’s needs.

Ready To Make The Next Step?

Ready to make your move on your roof anchor in California? You now have a solid direction that you’re moving towards and have the knowledge to make decisions that is best for your building. If you would like to utilize IRA or install certified roof anchors, call or email us to get on one of our professionals. Certainly, they will help and assist with your fall protection system.

Shine On Group is an advanced services company specializing in services utilizing IRA, SPRAT. Our goal is to lead the pack in helping our customers understand the latest in fall protection systems and anchorage systems. Finally, call us today at 773-227-4522 or send us an email at You’ll receive free phone consultation or proposal for your buildings needs.

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