Portable Fall Protection

Falls are one of the most dangerous hazards in the workplace and can cause serious work-related injuries and, in some cases, even death. Having the most reliable OSHA and ANSI-compliant fall protection solutions is crucial to providing a safe and prosperous work environment.

Our team wants to help you increase your on-site safety with our freestanding and portable fall arrest systems. You can transport these systems and have us engineer them to meet your particular needs. Whatever type of work you need a fall arrest system for, we’ve got you covered.

Engineered Portable Fall Protection Systems

Our portable fall protection systems are optimal for outdoor operations that lack sturdy, permanent anchor points. They’re also ideal for indoor applications that aren’t confined to an assigned work area. To meet requirements, employers must ensure that work environments are set up in a way that prevents employees from falling off overhead platforms or down into holes.

Our systems have rail construction that eliminates the sag and deflection often associated with other mobile fall solutions. We have various portable systems to meet your business’s needs. Be sure to reach out to our team to find the right solution for your worksite and prevent accidents, injuries, and loss today.

Portable A-Frame Fall Protection Systems

The Mobile A-Frame fall protection system offers secure anchor points without compromising its high mobility, and it provides personnel with tie-off capabilities in work settings. This OSHA-compliant portable fall protection solution is ideal for applications that don’t have any overhead obstructions or door height restrictions.

The A-Frame portable solution features rolling molded rubber wheels for you to move it seamlessly from work site to work site. With this solution at your disposal, you’ll always have safe, reliable fall protection anchors wherever and whenever you need them. This style comes in four different configurations, with custom configurations available upon request.

Portable C-Frame Fall Protection Systems

This portable fall protection system is a versatile fall arrest solution designed for working at great heights. This design is lightweight, allowing you to move it easily. You can maneuver it manually or use a forklift, depending on your particular structure’s build.

The C-Frame structure is a perfect candidate for accessing equipment that has an adequate amount of clearance underneath to accommodate the outrigger support legs. The OSHA-compliant C-Frame design comes in fixed and adjustable height configurations and has optional access stair systems.

Cube Mobile Anchor Point Fall Arrest System

Our Cube Mobile Anchor Point system is designed to provide an overhead anchor system wherever you need one. This structure sets up quickly and uses a concrete-filled steel box as ballast to support fall protection davits and rails, ensuring a stable platform for individuals working at tall heights.

The Cube-style anchor structure has a wide array of base, mast, and outrigger options to suit your fall protection needs. It works best for outdoor applications without an overhead support structure.

Exosphere Fall Protection System

The Exosphere fall protection system is one of the most progressive mobile systems in our repertoire. It provides sturdy mobile anchor points at heights ranging from 14 to 38 feet. It comes with various anchors, mast combinations, bases, lifting tools, and more components to provide you with the perfect fit for your workers’ needs.

Hitch-Mounted Fall Protection Systems

Our hitch-mounted system sets up quickly and provides an overhead anchor wherever you need it. It also uses outriggers to provide a stable platform for employees working up high.

Mobile Anchor Point Systems

We offer our OSHA-compliant mobile anchor point structure at a competitive price so that it fits snuggly into your budget. This product comes at a fixed height and only takes a few minutes to install. This design will serve to protect those working on applications without overhead structure.

Rolling Portable Davit Base

The rolling portable davit base provides the secure connection of a fixed system that is budget-friendly. It only takes a single person to move this portable fall protection structure, and it’s easy to store away when you’re not using it.

Flexiguard EMU Modular Unit

This product is our extremely customizable jib style device, designed for easy adjustment and maximum flexibility while still providing ample worker protection. This design requires a forklift or pallet jack to move it.

The EMU boasts a mast with 360-degree rotation to create a six-foot working radius and is ideal for applications with minimal clearance distances.

Portable Quad Frame Fall Protection Systems

Our quad frame design is a rigid rail structure built to accommodate a specific area or equipment piece in areas that have limited space or outdoor areas without overhead anchor points for tie-off. While you can set this system up permanently, many users prefer to use portable frames to ensure ease of relocation.

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If you are looking to invest in the safety of your workers, our team can guide you towards the best portable fall protection system for your specific needs. Protecting workers is our livelihood, and we’re ready to help. Contact us today to discuss solutions for your business.

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