Project Management

A proper industrial fall protection system prevents your contractors and assets from safety risks that come with operating a job site. It also protects your company against liability.

While these systems are required by law, installing them places a huge responsibility on project managers to ensure they’re up to standards. There’s a lot of pressure to move fast and focus on operations, which takes time away from accounting for the best system possible.

This is why it pays off to bring in a project management team to assess your industrial fall protection system and take some of the pressure off.

Our project management services streamline and simplify the installation process to save you stress. Our experts take the reins and manage the process from top to bottom, ensuring your system’s longevity, safety, and operational accuracy.

Contact us today to learn more about our industry-compliant design and installation procedures so that you never have to worry about costly citations.

Our Streamlined And Seamless Process

When you decide to partner with us, we’ll guide you through our top-to-bottom project management process seamlessly, which includes three stages:

  • On-Site Engineering Review
  • Design
  • Client Approval
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

On-Site Engineering Review

The most important thing to do first is to evaluate the building and the site as a whole. We will evaluate any current operating systems and investigate to find any areas of concern for installation down the line.


In this stage, we look at the site, the options, and the client objectives. These help us to map out a path that is efficient and cost-effective for clients. Once approval is granted, we can move forward with enacting our plan.

Client Approval

You have the final say on your project, which is why our management team put such an emphasis on client satisfaction. During this stage, you can give the approval for us to move forward with obtaining materials and beginning the installation.

Fabrication and Procurement

This involves obtaining the necessary components for installation and managing the shipment of these parts to the site. Partnering with us means stealthy service: you’ll barely notice we’re here. You won’t be bothered with intrusive deliveries and equipment sitting around and taking up space.

Installation and Training

The final stage involves overseeing a successful installation and training employees on-site to use the gear safely. Years of experience have taught our team the fastest and safest way to install fall protection systems. We’ll work hard to make sure the system is designed for longevity while you focus on operations.

Top Industry Experts

Fall protection systems include many high-stakes components like anchorage, deceleration devices, and body harnesses, making them complex from design to fabrication to installation. That’s why it’s so important to have a full team of qualified professionals with attention to detail to ensure safety. Our professional project managers conduct job coordination for each phase instead of salespeople.

We don’t make you do the research and carry out steps at your request; we carry out management tasks from top to bottom. This ensures a more cohesive, big picture approach with an eye to efficiency and innovation. It means you have a designated point person or team of people directly tasked with managing the seamless process from start to finish. This process promotes better communication, better visibility and oversight, and less work for the client.

Attention to Detail

One missed D-ring or connector could mean costly damage to equipment. Even worse, it could lead to injuries and liability suits. Ticking each box ensures safety compliance.

Along with our process, we provide in-depth documentation to keep along with your company’s records. These could be essential in protecting yourself from claims and citations regarding your fall protection equipment functionality. The documentation is part of our project manager’s full transparency with clientele. Clients know what is happening on their property at all times.

Our attention to detail promises success, safety, and efficiency, from design to installation to training on how to operate and maintain these systems.

Exceed Industry Safety Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, mandates that companies provide protective equipment to employees where it may be necessary. They also list dozens of specific metrics that must be met regarding parts of the equipment.

Our team has an expert understanding of the system performance criteria. We’ve spent years in the industry developing the best techniques for efficient and thorough installation and inspection.

Standard number 1910.140 subpart 1 of OSHA standards specifically lays out the minute requirements for personal fall protection systems. Each of our project managers knows these standards backward and forwards, meaning no stone will be left unturned. We guarantee 100% OSHA compliance.

When you partner with our project management services, you are ensuring that your system is OSHA-compliant without having to lift a finger. Save yourself the hours of research on what the maximum arresting force should be on a personal fall arrest system. Skip the lesson on the difference between a lanyard and a lifeline. Leave that to us. Instead, you can focus on more big-picture elements.

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