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Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems

Here at Diversified Fall Protection, our superior rigid rail systems provide the highest level of safety and mobility for your workers. With our rigid rail systems, they can perform tasks on elevated surfaces with ease and efficiency and trust that they are protected from falls.

Rigid rail systems stop falls before the user hits the ground or any other objects below that can cause serious injuries or fatalities, limiting fall distances to less than two feet. Our trailblazing rigid rail systems feature a TD3 Triangular Truss design that allows up to 80+ feet of space between support columns – which is far more than competing systems. Our unique TD3 Triangular Trusses also provide better support and strength than truss designs of the past.

The innovative structural design comes with fewer supports and columns, which makes it easy for us to quickly and efficiently install your system. Of course, this minimalistic design never sacrifices safety. At DFP, we prioritize protecting employees above all else. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Diversified Fall Arrest Rail Systems

We pride ourselves on our overhead rigid rail solutions that offer our clients reliable, versatile, and safety-compliant solutions without compromising productivity in the workplace. We also understand that rigid rail systems are not one size fits all, which is why we offer various custom-engineered systems that will fit your specific needs.

Many clients opt for our experts to install their equipment, but we also have certified kits that your on-site team can put together. These modular kits permit seamless breakdown and rebuilding on various sites and can bypass obstructions. They can also allow you to put your team to good use and save on labor costs.

Our strong and modifiable lateral fall protection integrates with trolley rails. Because workers don’t have to unhook, our systems maximize safety while allowing workflow to go uninterrupted. Our fall arrest rigid rail systems put workers first, which is why they are among the industry’s top products.

Articulating Jib and Trolley Systems

Our articulating jib and folding trolley design is a rigid rail system that can be maneuvered and retracted as you need. The fold-away design makes it ideal for crane bay applications.

This fold-away rigid rail system can be installed when you need it and pulled back when other equipment is used. No matter the complications of the crane route or the obstacles in your way, the articulating rigid rail system will provide you with solutions to increase safety and productivity.

Cartesian Bridge Systems

This rigid rail system is adjustable to multiple positions and can accommodate various working heights. Consisting of an overhead rail and trolley, this system can operate manually or automatically.

The Cartesian Bridge fall arrest system can be attached to overhead structures for indoor applications or set up as freestanding units for outdoor tanker truck applications. It’s a versatile and user-friendly system, minimizing fall distances and reducing deflection rates to satisfy the safety needs of multiple user applications.

Column Supported Rail Systems

This option is a trolley-style rigid rail support column system generally used outdoors where fall clearance is minimal and can accommodate multiple users. If coupled with proper planning, these L-style and T-style rigid rail systems can span work areas of over 1,000 feet.

This design is available in permanent and portable iterations. You can also combine it with our TD3 triangle trusses for significant cost savings. Contact us today to see if this solution is right for your operation.

Trolley Beam Fall Protection Systems

Trolley beams are the most effective rigid rail system, as they give you high-performing, safe, and reliable fall protection. These systems are the best at minimizing fall distances and eliminating additional falls or bounces that occur when using flexible cable equipment. Our Trolley beam system is user-friendly, as users can move the equipment without excessive drag.

Our trolley beam fall protection equipment expands the range of motion to allow multiple users to hook into the track.  Our specialists at DFP can assess your work site to determine if a trolley beam fall protection system is right for you.

UNI-TRACK Fall Arrest Systems

These lightweight horizontal overhead rigid rail track systems are cost-effective and extremely versatile. They come from the world’s most recognized name in structural support, giving you and your team the peace of mind you deserve. Most UNI-TRACK equipment comes with indoor installation and attaches the underside of the buildings’ roof framing steel.

This design is a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive custom trolley beam equipment that remains adaptable and ensures top-tier fall protection for those working above tanks, machinery, trailers, and more.

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Our team is committed to providing top-quality, OSHA-compliant rigid rail systems that you can trust. With our years of experience in trolley beam design, you can rest easy knowing that DFP has got you covered.

Whether you require indoor or outdoor solutions, our specialists can configure a solution made just for your needs. Contact us today for our expert assistance with your fall arrest, fall restraint, and fall protection needs because keeping workers safe is what we do. One of our specialists is ready to give you your free consultation.

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